WordPress or Blogger – Which is better for blogging?

WordPress or Blogger – Which is Better for Blogging and SEO?Now a days, blogging became a trend because internet users are growing all over the world. When it comes to blogging, there is many content management systems (CMS) softwares available like blogger, wordpress, tumblr, Joomla etc. WordPress and Blogger are two best CMS which are most popular and widely used. Every beginner who want to start blogging need to choose one from WordPress or Blogger. WordPress vs. Blogger is one of the most talked topic in blogging world. Every blogger wants and easy to manage and efficient content management system for their website. I have seen many newbie bloggers, choose blogger (blogspot) as their CMS. Because we don’t need to do any investment to start a blog with blogger. Blogger is completely free, easy to use, easy to manage and owned by well known technology company Google. After some time, when newbie bloggers became little professionals in blogging. Now they need more features, customization and full control on their blog. So, they start moving from Blogger to WordPress to fulfill their all requirements. Because blogger can’t provide full control and other advanced features.

I used Blogger and WordPress both for almost three years and i found that Blogger is for those persons who have less code and other tech knowledge and WordPress for all others who loves to do many experiments in blogging. WordPress is built using modern and advanced technologies. It gives you full control or access to your blog and fulfills almost all needs of blogging. In this article, i’m going share some major features, pros and cons of both blogging platforms that helps you choose better from WordPress or Blogger.

WordPress or Blogger – Which One to Choose for Blogging?

Why Choose Blogger Platform for Blogging:

The very first blog i started was created on blogger platform. Because that time i have zero knowledge about search engine optimization and i need only basic features. Also i don’t have much money to handle cost of hosting and other charges that time. Blogger is the only free and easy to use content management system. There is no need to buy a hosting or domain to start a blog with blogger. Because all blogger sites or blogs are hosted on fast Google servers and Google also provide free subdomain names (yourblog.blogspot.com). Hence, there is no chances of downtime in blogger. Blogger also allows you to use your preregistered top level domain name. Blogger can be used for personal or business or any other purposes without paying a cent. On the other hand, some other blogging platforms force you put their back links in footer and also they charges you extra money for unlocking more features.

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The best thing i like about blogger is you don’t need and developing, programming or any other code knowledge to setup a professional website or blog using blogger. Because you can edit almost everything in you blog template from the dashboard of blogger. There is lots of free and paid professional templates available online that can be used to give professional touch to your blogger blog. Blogger has a wide range of useful inbuilt widgets that can be used to add more features to your website like popular posts, recent posts, html code, google+ widget etc. Hence, blogger can be right choice if you are creating a small personal blog, and you need only basic features offered by blogger. Here is screenshot of blogger dashboard:

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Pros and Cons of Blogger Blogging Platform:


  1. It is open and free to use blogging platform.
  2. A sub domain is provided for free.
  3. Blogger is secure platform. So, you don’t need to care about security of your blog content and other data.
  4. Provide inbuilt wide collection of free templates and you can also use your own customized template.
  5. Zero downtime, means your site will never go down.
  6. Provide wide range of inbuilt widgets.
  7. You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense easily from blogger dashboard.
  8. Custom scripts and codes can be added easily.
  9. You can edit the templates directly from blogger dashboard.
  10. Doesn’t force to put any back link in footer.


  1. No FTP access will be given to you.
  2. Blogger provide limited and only basic tools.
  3. You can’t customize permalink or URL of blog post link.
  4. Moving your website from blogger to any other platform is a complex task.
  5. There is almost no support available from blogger. You need search on their forum or read their documentation to find answer of your queries.
  6. Storage space provided by blogger is limited.
  7. Technically you are not the real owner of your blog in blogger. If blogger found that you are violating their terms and conditions then they can delete your blog forever, you can’t recover it back.

Why use WordPress Platform for Blogging:

After learning the basic of blogging through blogger platform, i moved my website to WordPress. Because now my needs are increased, i need more customization and features. After moving blogger to WordPress, it takes me little time to understand the WordPress dashboard and all other feature because everything was new to me. WordPress dashboard is little complex for most of the newbies. I am also using WordPress as blogging platform in my this new blog WPSEOGuides. WordPress.org is a another open-source content management system, which is mostly used for blogging purpose. So, anyone can download and install it through their hosting account control panel easily. You need purchase hosting and domain name to start a website or blog with WordPress platform. It allows you to create fully functional and professional looking website.

With WordPress blogging platform, you are real owner of your blog or website. No one can delete your website or any content without your permission. Hence, it gives you full control to your website. WordPress provide limitless features, you can easily add more new features using many free or paid WordPress plugins. You can also make your WordPress blog SEO friendly using WordPress Plugins. If we compare WordPress or Blogger in SEO point of view, WordPress can be more SEO friendly then blogger. Moving a website or blog from WordPress to another CMS platform is comparatively easy then blogger. We can also move a WordPress blog or website from one host to another easily. You need to make your WordPress website secure from hackers and spammers. You also need to take time to time backups of your website. WordPress provide great support to its users through forum, documentations, IRC chat rooms and online tutorials available on many websites. Hence, WordPress can be right choice for big personal or business websites or blogs, that needs more advanced features and full control. Here is screenshot of WordPress Dashboard:

Pros and Cons of WordPress Blogging platform:


  1. You are real owner of your blog.
  2. FTP access is provided to you by your hosting provider.
  3. Customization of permalinks can be easily done through WordPress post editor.
  4. Storage space limit depends upon your hosting provides. You can easily increase it buy upgrading to higher plan or hosting package.
  5. Moving you website from one host another host or another CMS platform can be done easily.
  6. It offers wide range of plugins that helps to extend features of blogger.
  7. You can also upload or install 3rd party plugins and themes.
  8. Advertisement placement is very easy in WordPress.
  9. Custom scripts and codes can be easily added.
  10. No need to pay any licence fees because it’s open source software and available to everyone.
  11. You can make your WordPress blog more SEO friendly compared to blogger blogs.
  12. You can add unlimited users and control their access to content.
  13. Professional tutorials, forums and IRC chat rooms can be used to get answer of queries to related to WordPress.
  14. No Need to put their back link in the footer of your website.
  15. Comments can be easily moderated from WordPress dashboard.


  1. You need to purchase hosting and domain name to built a website or blog in WordPress blogging platform.
  2. It can little difficult to understand the features and functions of WordPress for  a newbie.
  3. You are responsible for security and time to time maintenance of your blog.
  4. It requires some basic knowledge about PHP, HTML, SQL, FTP etc. to manage WordPress blog.
  5. Regular backups should be taken by you.
  6. Cost for managing WordPress blog increase with an increase in traffic.
  7. You may face downtime on your WordPress blog due to regular maintenance done by your hosting provider.

Let me clear one more important thing, if you think blogger is Google product, so, blogger blog gets more SEO advantage and already SEO optimized. Then you are totally wrong, WordPress can be more SEO friendly by configuring SEO plugins properly. So, We explained almost every major pros, cons, and features of WordPress and Blogger blogging platforms. Now, you have to choose one from WordPress or Blogger. If you ask me to choose from WordPress or Blogger, i would always like to go with WordPress and also recommends WordPress to everyone. Because the blogger can’t provide that many features and power like WordPress. If you are beginners and don’t wan’t tech hassles then go with blogger. Let me know your opinions on WordPress vs. Blogger and which platform you prefer WordPress or Blogger for blogging?

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