The ice sword formed by Gisele’s spiritual soul hit the water film

The ice sword formed by Gisele’s spiritual soul hit the water film, squeezing it out of shape, but the sword couldn’t break through it. After a moment of stalemate, the water film wriggled rapidly, unexpectedly dissolving the ice sword bit by bit.
Soon, the beast neutralized Zachary’s power completely. It glared at Zachary and then rushed towards him without any trace. A layer of water waves rose behind it, which was getting higher and higher as if they were going to devour Zachary directly.
The ice sword was the strongest attack of Zachary. It consumed most of his power. Therefore, he could not release it again for the time being, and he wasn’t able to completely block the Undefiled Beast.

Love Thy Woman

Love Thy Woman

However, he was not worried, because he was not alone this time.
The Undefiled Beast was about to rush to Zachary when several light shadows suddenly fell from the sky and broke through the water film, wrapping around it at once.
It didn’t expect that Zachary was not alone. Moreover, the strength seemed to be very powerful, so it immediately struggled, trying to break free from the light shadows. But it was obvious that it couldn’t deal with it.
The situation was unfavorable for the beast, so it began to transform into water, and its body became smaller and smaller. This was one of his special abilities, turning into water and escaping.

“Now!”Suddenly, a sweet voice came from the air.

On the other hand, Zachary had already rushed to the beast. The Ice Armor on his body shone, releasing a tremendous ice force. It froze the water within hundreds of meters and restraining the beast’s power as well.
The next moment, a shadow of damask soared into the sky and wrapped around the beast’s body. The beast turned to its original shape.
The Undefiled Beast was not reconciled at all. It glared at Zachary with anger and burst out an aura of Sage Level as if it was going to resist till the end.
However, soon, an even more powerful and appalling aura came over and suppressed its aura. The Undefiled Beast let out a desperate howl, and then half knelt on the ground at once. It surrendered.

A delicate figure flew down from the air in front of it. It was from Anne.

“Ha, ha!
It’s really easy to conquer it with your help, Anne.”
Zachary was very happy that he had successfully captured the Undefiled Beast, an elite sacred beast.
“Ask it when it can produce the Aqueous Pill,”
Anne nodded and reminded Zachary.
Zachary used the mutual communication system to talk to the Undefiled Beast. Because Anne was there, the beast had no intention of resisting. It knew that even if it were a sacred beast, it would not be able to contend against a Holy Level warrior. Therefore, it cooperated very well. It told Zachary that the Aqueous Pill nurtured in its body would be produced in a month.
“It said one month later,”

Zachary said to Anne.

“That should be enough. There are many other sacred beasts in the Towering Mountains. They must have collected a lot of treasures. It’s rare to come out with you, so I’d like to accompany you to ‘visit’ them one by one. By the way, I’ll collect some Sage Level materials from forging you a Sage Level weapon. Although you already have the Illusory Dragon Spine, it can only play its best when your opponent use fire element power,”
Anne suggested.
“Of course it’s the best. The Sage Level weapon that you forged must be very powerful.”
Zachary nodded his head happily.

“Let’s go,”
Anne uttered with a smile on her beautiful face.
Zachary put the Undefiled Beast into the system and continued their journey to explore the Towering Mountains with Anne.
Time passed quickly. More than a month had passed in a flash. As the Imperial Level Warrior Contest was approaching, countless warriors from different clans in different kingdoms gathered in the Celestial College in the Enigmatic Kingdom, where the contest would be held.
The four martial colleges had always held the Imperial Level Warrior Contest in turn, and this year it happened to be the turn of the Celestial College.

Different from ordinary contests, the Imperial Level Warrior Contest was a top-level competition among twenty most-powerful Imperial Level warriors from the four kingdoms in the Supernal Continent. Their strength was very close. Therefore, the contest was not as rigid as those usual ones, but in the form of challenging the extreme. The one who finished all the challenges would win. And the winner of the Imperial Level Warrior Contest would be conferred the title of “King of Imperial Level warriors”.

Of course, for any warrior of the Imperial Level, such a title was a great honor. Therefore, it could be imagined that the twenty of them in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest would have very fierce competition.
Countless warriors gathered in the Celestial College to watch the contest. In addition to the five warriors from the Enigmatic Kingdom, the other three teams from the other three kingdoms arrived at the Celestial College ten days before the beginning of the contest to prepare for the battle.

As the host of the contest, the Celestial College had already arranged accommodation for the Imperial Level warriors from the three kingdoms and sent people to serve them.
The representative teams of the three teams were the latest to arrive. They were the latest because Zachary hadn’t returned to the crane fighting school to meet them. After waiting for two days, he still needed to go to the celestial college to prepare for the battle, so he, who was in charge of leading the team, first came with Bertha and the others and left a message to ZacharyAfter Zachary returned to the crane fighting school, he immediately came to the celestial college to meet him.

Almost all the Imperial Level warriors’ representatives gathered in the Unicorn Hall of the Celestial College, including Sage Level warriors’ representatives. They had just been informed and summoned here, so they didn’t know what was going on. They were discussing among themselves.

“Jay, there is no news about Harley. Is there anything wrong?”
In the representative team of the Devil Kingdom, Tracy asked Jay with concern. Harley had told them to go to the Celestial College first if he didn’t come back in time, but as one of the representatives of the Devil Kingdom, if Zachary didn’t show up in time, it would be very disadvantageous to the Devil Kingdom.

Although the Imperial Level Warrior Contest was a contest among the top Imperial Level warriors, it was also a contest among the four kingdoms. The contest would end up with a personal victory, but the kingdom the warrior represented would increase its influence and reputation among the four kingdoms. Therefore, in the challenge process, representatives from different kingdoms had to work together and try their best to get some advantages. Only in this way might they win, or they might lose miserably.

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