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Every big business nowadays is looking forward to having the most powerful system of all. This is because they are in favor of leading today’s market with standard values and practices. All the businesses, such as social media apps (Facebook, Grammarly, Kik, and WhatsApp) or the mobile phone companies such as Apple and Samsung and all the online platform developers are striving to have relevant and powerful Chatbot system across the industries. But before going into the details of chatbots and such systems regarding this, one needs to understand what the chatbots are.

These chatbots are also named as virtual assistants who are working across the industries and aiding value into the businesses by providing much of the customer care services. Basically, the chatbots are created to help businesses in doing conversations with consumers. It works on behalf of consumer service providers. It can have the best collaboration with the software used for correcting grammar. The famous software named Grammarly is now working on incorporating the attributes of chatbots into it so that the users coming for solving the grammatical issues can be answered for their confusion easily. Grammarly has now initiated the inspiration for its advanced use in the chatbots and the conversation portals and Apps.

One True Love

One True Love

It decides to make it’s perspective wider and broader by injecting its capabilities and attributes in other conversational applications. They are also initiating the new program to add the chatbots in their business. This will enhance the usage of Grammarly by providing the users with the answers to their questions and FAQs. Grammarly and chatbots have much more to do together and they can have better and exemplary practices in the future.
Basically, a chatbot is a program (a computer program) that is formulated and created to pretend as if a human being is doing a conversation. Users of the applications and such websites communicate with these programs and tools. It is used via a chat box boundary or via voice. These tools are so genuine that no one can judge if that is a program or a real person is on the other side of the conversation. The main function used up till now for the chatbots is that these construe and interpret the words which are uploaded and given to them by the operator of that tool. The expected answers are pre-set so that the user might not get confused and think that a real person is talking to on the other side of the conversation.

It is famous and prominent nowadays for the immediacy of the response. It can be interpreted in any language the user desire. The program possesses so many AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities that provide valuable and appropriate information that is crucial and critical for the user. These are the first foray for the organizations in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Prima-Donnas 2020

Prima-Donnas 2020

Artificial intelligence practices are very costly and all the organizations cannot afford this because the budgets are limited up to some extent. But the chatbots are the best alternatives for these organizations because they provide innovative mediums to help the business drive business outcomes and increase business profit. Almost 85% to 90% of businesses and organizations expect to incorporate chatbot services this year to increase and enhance customer care services. Due to the fast spread and emergence of Artificial Intelligence practices, the use of chatbots has been increasing rapidly and is still increasing each year.
Chatbot value proposition: it has added value to business activities and progress. It provides the immediacy of response and companies have always taken a frictionless experience of getting an unobstructed response. There are two perspectives to the value of the preposition of chatbots. Chatbot contributes directly to the revenue stream of the business. The metrics which are tracked to evaluate the effectiveness of chatbot are:
Size of the viewers (audience)
The duration of hearing and session (average duration)
Number of meetings per viewer and per user
People leaving and coming back to the session
Missed targets
The use of chatbot has increased due to its successful implementation by most famous businesses such as messenger, Facebook, Kik, Slack, and Apple. They believe that if a good conversation is designed, a chatbot can be more successful technologically than ever before.

This implementation has been added with the collaboration of Grammarly software. Because Grammarly is added to help the team members and users produce high quality and smooth writing skills and provide well-organized writing skills to the organizations. It provides facilities such as smooth workflows, email support with a basic priority system, spelling, and grammar corrections. It also helps correct the complex punctuation errors and provides a strong privacy and shield acquiescence. It provides advanced recommendations and suggestions for reducing the long messages in an engaging and concise form. It provides businesses with free versions and paid premium versions that provide advanced facilities.

It has become prominent for its immediacy, detecting grammar errors (from basic to advanced) and providing the businesses with real-time recommendations and suggestions. It suggests correcting the mistakes and suggests the robust checking tool to make the writing clearer and error-free. Grammarly for businesses is cheap enough and it starts at $15 per month with a free trial as well. It provides 100% safe usage to its customers with the security that each work will not leak at any place.

The needs of customers and users are changing and evolving day by day. This is due to the different experiences and dramatically changing interactions. Digital marketing and transformation of technology have changed the requirements of companies; that is why they are more focused on getting the best customer feedback and experiences in the future. As per the report of Bluewolf’s annual state of scale force report, the best contact teams of reputable companies are usually investing in chatbots. This number has reached to 29 – 40% by now. This is because the customer’s loyalty is fostered by a neat and rapid response by the company. All the chatbots are not created equally. All the chatbots have specific traits and attributes according to their functionality. Because this functionality allows the chatbot to have a broader perspective on the cash flows of business and the customer experience. Usually, seven characteristics are enlisted in describing the great chatbot. The main characteristics of a chatbot are:

Conversational Development and maturity: this characteristic is sufficient for all types of businesses (businesses that are working online) because it has the attribute of providing specific NLP (natural language processing). This is providing the capability of understanding the conversation correctly. It can also know the severity of any question asked by any customer. Most advanced chatbots created till now are the ones that have the capability to ask further questions and to clarify the questions from customers. It doesn’t even felt by the customer that there is no one on the other side.

The General's Daughter

The General’s Daughter

Integrates and Assimilates with CRM: the chatbot can usually be assimilated with crucial systems and can originate the work activities both outside and inside of the CRM. It is capable of handling the action in the present time and interpret real-time data. It has an automatic routine of changing passwords by following a complex multi-step flow of the working system. It is able of doing and creating multiple actions.

Omni-capable: the chatbot has the attribute to chat with people through multiple channels. It works in most of the cases with different capabilities. It can also pass the information to a live agent whenever needed by the user.

Intelligent enough: the chatbot helps customers to grab the information. It also helps in recognizing the personality traits of the consumers and respond according to the personality traits of the consumers. It has the capability to understand and respond according to the sentiments of the consumers. It has immense emotional intelligence as well. It can deliver the personalized experience and also intensify to an agent whenever it is needed.

Immense exploration: the tool of the chatbot has the capability to reach the consumers and ask them about their feedback and experiences. It can process a vast amount of data. It can also separate the structured and non-structured data and process them separately. It can also identify the relevant source to gather the relevant data, and it can also solve the problems of customers.

Trained: the chatbot is already trained and that is why it is known as pre-trained software. Training to understand the specifications are already installed in this software so that it may access specific knowledge and so that it may follow the terms and conditions formulated by the specific company. Because of the pre-training programs, it develops the best configuration. It can easily resolve the common matters of consumers and respond to them timely. Most of the questions are formulated prior to the use of this software. This is because a few common questions are already expected from the consumers.

Reasoning: the chatbot can do diverse reasoning. For this, it does not matter if there is the availability of human intervention or not. For instance: the chatbot can be of great service because it is able to resolve the problems based on the case histories of consumers.

The advanced chatbots are created via specific procedures, such as idea is first formulated to create a specific strategy. Opportunities are identified to create a chatbot based on artificial intelligence. It is then followed by the identification of goals for building a specific chatbot. After this, the chatbots are designed as per the requirements of the conversation. This then leads to the building and formulation of frameworks and the development of platforms to perform the implementation of the conversation with the consumers. Almost all the businesses now incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) because now they recognize the opportunity and its impact on business. Businesses usually develop an action plan to embed the problems and use the capabilities for processing the workflows.

Grammarly has now initiated the inspiration for its advanced use in the chatbots and in the conversation portals and Apps. It decides to make it’s perspective wider and broader by injecting its capabilities and attributes in other conversational applications. They are also initiating the new program to add the chatbots in their business. This will enhance the usage of Grammarly by providing the users with the answers to their questions and FAQ. Grammarly and chatbots have much more to do together and they can have better and exemplary practices in the future.


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