How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups in One Click

Searching for a fast and safe way to share your blog posts on Facebook groups? If yes, then you are on right place. Today, Im going to share a legal way to post in multiple Facebook groups in one click. I have seen almost every blogger share their posts on Facebook to drive some traffic. Facebook is one of the best place for bloggers to promote their website posts. If you share blog posts just on your Facebook timeline then only your friends can saw your posts. So, if you want to reach more peoples then you have to join multiple Facebook groups and share your post there. But it takes lots of time to post in all Facebook groups manually one by one and its also very boring task.  Using the below method you can post your article in all your Facebook groups in just 2 minutes. This method is completely free, safe and easy to use. You dont need use any scripts or collect Facebook groups email ID. And one more plus point of this method is you can also post in multiple Facebook friends timeline in one click. Just follow below steps to post in multiple Facebook groups in one click.

Step by Step Guide to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups in One Click:

  • First of go to Facebook Developers Send button plugin page. Once page is completely loaded on your browser, scroll down and find Send Button Configurator section on the page. On that section you will see URL to send empty field. Just put the link of your post that you want to share in that blank field.
  • After entering URL of  your post, a send will be automatically appears in another empty box there. Just click on the that send button. Now a drop down tab (pop-up) will open up, you will see something like below picture.
  • Select all your groups or friends from the drop down list in recipients. After selecting groups and friends, put any message that you want to post with your article link in message box. And finally, click on send button.
  • Thats it, now it will automatically post your link in all selected groups and friends timeline. To confirm, just go to one of the selected group timeline or check your activity log.


Follow below tips to keep your Facebook account safe from temporary restriction or permanent ban.

  • Dont select more then 30 groups at once.
  • Give a gap of at least 20 minutes between every share.
  • Use this method to share your posts maximum 4-5 times in a day.

I hope above method helps you to save lots of your time. If youre facing any problem or this method is not working for you then let me know through comments. Also dont forget to share this method with your friends.

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