Growth of Video Advertising in India

Growth of Video Advertising in India
Despite the headwinds in Indian economic growth, the expansion of the online video advertising in the country did not take much of a hit in 2019. Hence, the experts are expecting that the nation will exhibit the same during the COVID-stricken 2020 as well.
As per reports, the video advertising segment of India is anticipated to reach around USD 237 million this year. Furthermore, it will grow at a CAGR of 8.2% overall during the period between the year 2020 to 2024.

Mangandang Buhay

Mangandang Buhay

The same report has also suggested that, by 2024, the market volume of video advertising in India will reach USD 326 million.
What is the Reason behind Such a Massive Growth?
According to several research modules, mobile device technology tends to be the prime driver of video advertising in India. The potent processing power of modern smartphones, along with the high-speed 5G connection, will enable the users to watch more video ads without any issues. It, in turn, will also drive the providers to unleash more complex advertisement-based strategies.

According to the reports, various new formats, such as virtual reality videos, 360⁰ panoramas, live broadcasting, etc., will enter the world of video ads as well. The inclusion of these technologies might make the environment of video advertising more engaging and drive the market even more. However, the only period of stagnation might occur in the desktop market due to the unavailability of disruptive technological inventions.
Which Media Platforms are Likely to Grow the Most?

Due to the massive number of TV users in India, the growth rate of video advertising will be more prominent on this platform. According to reports, sports and other entertainment channels will work more proficiently in this facet.

However, due to the uprising of smartphones, the various social media modules, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., too, will take part in the emergence of video advertising in India. Besides, YouTube is going to play a crucial role in this aspect, as well.
Video Advertising Trends that are Going to be Popular in the Upcoming Years
There are a few types of advertising video trends that are going to be pretty popular in the upcoming years. Some of them are as follows:

  • Short Ads

The shorter ads are quite crispy and, thus, tell a small story a lot more impressively. Due to this reason, the audience is watching these more than the ones, which are longer than two minutes.
User-Generated Videos
Most people usually trust those ads more, which feature unpaid users or fans in it. These types of videos primarily focus on real-life experiences, which prompt the consumers to relate it with their lives.
The cinematographs are a form of hybrids of videos and photos, which feature subtle movement of a few components while the whole picture stays still. It is, too, pretty famous among the viewers due to its elegant form and creative persona.

So, these are a few trends that are going to take part in the growth of video advertising in India.

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