Enjoy free trial of Star Citizen till September 23

Despite a little criticism because of expensive ships and slow releases, the Star Citizen game developers could shape it at last. They speed up, releasing new features and mechanics. Also, they provided unrestricted access to the game until September 23

Roberts Space Industries now speedily launches new features and mechanics, unlike past. 

But, access to the games and enjoying that newly-released content is not easy. Because, opposite to the other titles, you don’t purchase a game copy. Rather it would help if you bought a ship that lets you access these. The good news is that the game is free to play until September 23. 

For the celebration of the new Ship Showdown, RSI is letting everyone to join the game with the use of the top 16 ships. It is an event where players of Star Citizen jointly vote for their favorite ships. 

All you need to do is to create an RSI account if you do not have it previously. Then enter the code “Showdown2950” on this page. Now, the game client can be downloaded and start playing.

If you find it quality time while playing Star Citizen, you can have a ship started package at a discount rate during the Ship Showdown event.

The Star Citizen game is currently limited, but it has enough content to keep you connected. You can visit space stations and explore them. Also, it will let you trade or bounty hunting. You can also join other pilots in gang affray.

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Handheld Vacuum

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My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star

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  • I am young. Yet I have a dream.

I do not dream of greatness, but I do dream of making my life meaningful. You ask me, “How?” I can say, by showing love and genuine concern for others.

I do not dream of being famous, but I do dream of being a person of influence. You ask me, “How?” I can say, by disciplining myself to do the best I can and excel every single time, I am called to act.

I do not dream of becoming rich, but I dream of giving as much as I can out of all that I have. You ask me, “Why?” Well, there are things that money can’t buy; it can’t stretch your life by a nanosecond, nor can it buy a heart of love. So let me do all the good I can and count myself rich by all that I can do without.

I do not dream of a life of ease, but I do dream of being made strong in difficulties. You ask me, “Why?” Well, as l look around, I see it is life’s struggles that mold a man or woman of character. So a life of ease can make me sick, but a fight against life’s odds can make be brave.


I dream of making the most of opportunities and not let them go.

I dream of having a few really good friends; and not fall for a million likes and followers in the world of fantasy.

I dream, yet again, that I might be given the grace to love those who are close to me, to value and cherish them, and hold them, dear, before like a lone bird on a barren tree my life becomes.

I dream, my friends, of fighting back, of rising above my occasional loss of confidence, and of making it to the finishing tape to win the race set out for me.

Above all this,

I dream of finding my life’s purpose, the reason why God put me on Planet Earth. If I can not only dream but also fulfill all that God has called me to do, then my dream shall find its wings and soar high with joy!

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