7 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins to get Higher Ranking

7 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins to get Higher Ranking

7 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins to get Higher Ranking.7 Best WordPress SEO PluginsThe best thing that i like about WordPress is, it gives us complete control on the content and lots of plugins to organize the content in better way. Every blogger want to rank their post higher in search engines to get massive traffic on their website. But it is not easy task to rank first place in Google and other search engines. You have done lots of research and make your content search engine friendly. It is almost impossible to get a higher ranking without any optimization because the competition is increased. Lots of content is posted daily on the internet. Search engines follow some techniques to find content and rank it according to its quality. By optimizing our blog content we can get better ranking in search engines. To do search engine optimization, WordPress offers lots of useful SEO plugins. We just need to pick best WordPress SEO Plugins from them. So, today I’m going to share 7 best WordPress SEO Plugins that you should use to get better ranking in search engines. You don’t need to use all these plugins, just choose only those plugins which fulfills your needs. In this list i included only free WordPress SEO plugins that can be easily installed from WordPress dashboard.

List of 7 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins to Rank Higher in Search Engines

1. Yoast SEO ( SEO by Yoast) WordPress SEO Plugin:

Yoast SEO WordPress SEO PluginYoast SEO or formally known as SEO by Yoast plugin is best, free, and mostly used WordPress SEO Plugin. It can actually complete almost all your on-site search engine optimization (SEO) needs. It provides a specialized section for each area of on-site SEO. It is one of my favorite SEO plugins, that i currently using in my blog for on-page SEO. If you’re using any other plugin for on-page SEO then you should migrate Yoast SEO plugin. Because no other plugin can provide many features like Yoast SEO. It’s main features are:

  • Adding SEO title, meta description to your post.
  • Automatic XML-Sitemap creation.
  • Add meta description to your homepage.
  • Create and edit robots.txt and .htaccess file.
  • Social Network Optimization
  • RSS Optimization
  • Content Analysis

2. All in One SEO Pack WordPress SEO Plugin:

All in One SEO Pack WordPress PluginAll in one SEO Pack is another popular WordPress SEO Plugin to optimize your website content. This plugin is almost very similar to Yoast SEO plugins. All is one SEO Pack plugin is for less advanced users or those who can’t use unique description and title for every page. Because this plugin create meta data automatically for every page. Features of this plugin are almost same as Yoast SEO Plugin. It’s features includes:

  • Webmaster tools verification for search engines
  • XML sitemap support
  • Set meta title, meta description & meta keywords
  • Generate meta data automatically
  • SEO for WordPress eCommerce websites
  • Google Analytics support

All in one SEO Pack plugin is best and recommended plugin for beginners because its easy to use and configure. If you want more advanced features then you should go with Yoast SEO plugin. You should not use both plugins at same time, it can affect badly your website or blog SEO.

3. Broken Link Checker:

Broken Link Checker PluginBroken links are those links of your website, which gives 404 or not found errors when someone tries to open them. Sometime broken links can affect your website ranking in search engines. Google also recommends to get rid of them. Broken link checker plugin is very useful plugin that helps you to find all internal or external broken links. Then, you can easily remove dead links or broken links of your website. Many SEO experts and consulantant recommends this plugin for WordPress. So, i added this plugin in my list and found it useful for every website. It can be easily installed directly from your WordPress dashboard.

4. SEO Friendly Images Plugin:

SEO Friendly Images WordPress SEO PluginSEO friendly images is a great WordPress SEO plugin, which is used to make your website images optimzed for search engines. It will automatically add proper SEO friendly ALT tags and title into your uploaded images. These tags are very important for search engines to rank your images higher. Most of newbie blogger doesn’t give much importance to them and are usually neglected by them during post creation. Because they don’t know the real importance of these tags. So, this plugin helps those newbie bloggers by adding these important tags automatically. If you don’t want to use this plugin then you can add these tags manually too. But it can be difficult to add tag to every image on big or large content websites. So, this plugin is recommended to everyone to drive traffic through images from search engines.

5. Redirection Plugin:

Redirection WordPress SEO PluginThe main reason behind broken links or dead links is that when you edit the link of already published articles or posts and forget to redirect them on new links. Redirection plugin automatically add a 301 redirection when a post or article link changes. 301 redirection redirect old links that doesn’t exits anymore on new links. In this way, you don’t lose the ranking of the your content in search engines. This plugin also monitor and 404 error on your website and allows you easily map those to 301 redirects. So, it helps you to get rid of 404 or page not found erros, which is good for SEO. Many alternative of this plugin are available. You can use simple 301 Redirects plugin as a alternative of redirection plugin.

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6. WP Smush:

WP Smush WordPress SEO PluginWebsite loading speed matters a lot in the ranking of your website in search engines. So, you need to optimize your website content to load quickly to reduce website loading speed. One of major reason of slow-loading content or website is its uncompressed images. Big images also take more bandwidth and more storage space that can increase your hosting cost. So, we need to optimize our websites images to load them quickly on users browsers. WP Smush plugin will helps you in compressing bulky images and reduce its size. It follows lossless compression technique to reduce size of images. So, you will not lose the quality of images. It performs compression automatically whenever you upload a media file or image to your WordPress site. And already uploaded media can be also compressed in bulk just by clicking one button. So, you must use this plugin to optimize your website images. EWWW image optimizer plugin can be used as an alternative of the WP Smush plugin. EWWW image optimizer also offers lossy compression for images.

7. All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets:

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets WordPress SEO PluginRich Snippets are lines of text that appear under search results that usually attracts users to your post. Almost 70% of people click on search results that have rich snippets instead of those who don’t have. Rich Snippets also gives an idea to users about the type of content contains in that search result and why it’s relevant to his/her search query. These snippets are usually used on review websites to show star ratings in search results. All in One Schema.org Rich snippets WordPress plugin helps you to show rich snippets in search engines. So, you should give it a try to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your website in search results.

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Above I shared some great WordPress SEO plugins that I personally use on my websites for search engine optimization. I recommend you choose only those WordPress SEO plugins that fulfill your needs. Don’t use more than one  SEO plugins for the same purpose. If you have any queries related to this article don’t hesitate to ask below in comments. I will try to answer your all queries. And if you are using any other SEO plugins, then please share it with us through comments.

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