7 Easy Tips to Index Blog Posts Faster in Google Search

Every newbie blogger facing a common issue, search engines are not indexing their latest blog posts or new content faster. And they are curious to know how their competitors or fellow bloggers websites or blog posts are geting indexed instanly. So, today Im going share some tips to index your blog posts faster in search engines and a killer trick to index your new post almost instantly in Google.

Site crawling or indexing is complicated task which is done by search engines bots (web spiders/crawlers) to collect information from webpages available on internet. Indexing of your content in search engines is very important to engage with more visitors. There are many ways to increase the crawal rate and speed of indexing of your blog. Before I tell you those ways, first you should know the reasons behind slow indexing of your website.

Why Search Engines are not Indexing Your Website/Blog fast:

  • Your website has less authority then other old websites.
  • You are posting copied content from other websites.
  • Your website contains some viruses or malware.
  • Lack of quality content
  • Lack of social signals
  • Google robots are blocked by using robots.txt or .htaccess files.
  • Your website have crawl errors.
  • No index or no follow tag in meta data of specific post.
  • Your website got penalized by Google and other search engines.
  • Your website have lots of down times.

7 Working Tips to Index Your Blog Posts Faster in Search Engines:

1. Update Your Blog With Fresh Content Regularly:

Content is the heart of every website. If you dont update your website with latest content then it will die soon. Google and other search engines loves quality and updated content. Search engines never index lower quality and outdated content. So, try to publish atleast 1-2 quality posts with good length daily specially if your website is just 2-3 week old. Crawl rate of static websites are comparetively less than dynamic websites. Thats the reason mostly static websites like hosting providers are adding blog and forums on their websites to increase their website crwal rate. Dont copy content of other websites, do proper keyword research and write your own quality content. Hence, publishing new updated content is a good habit to index your blog posts faster in search engines.

2. Create Sitemap for Your website:

According to Wikipedia, A Sitemap is a list of webpages of website accessible to crawlers and its users. Generally, most of the search engines crawlers use sitemap to index any website links. So, Sitemaps are very important for every website to index its posts or links in well structured way. In WordPress you can easily create a sitemap for your website using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin or you can also create sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin. After creating a sitemap, submit it to webmaster tools of search engines. By submitting a sitemap you are inviting search engines to index your blog faster.

3. Use Ping Services to Ping Your Latest Content or Posts:

Ping Services works like a door bell, when someone press or ping doorbell, it is signal to house owner that there is a guest outside the door. In same way, ping services lets bots know that you website content is updated. In other words, by pinging your new posts, your are directing crawlers or bots to index new content of your website. There is many manual ping services available like Pingomatic, Google Ping and WordPress also automatically ping your website when you publish new post. You just need to update your website ping list with more ping services. You can update ping services list from WordPress dashboard. Just go to dashboard>>Settings>>Writing. There you will see a blank field to put list of ping services. Here is list of some major ping services:


















4. Build Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are links from other sites pointing to your website. Backlinks plays very important role in ranking of your posts in search engines. It also helps in indexing your blog posts more faster in search engines. But remember one thing while building backlinks, quality matters not quantity and dofollow backlinks are more powerful then nofollow. So, build only quality backlinks from higher authority websites. One of the easy way to get quaility backlinks is by submitting your website online directories technoarti and DMoz.

5. Sharing Your Content on Social Bookmarking Websites:

I think i dont need to tell that what social networking websites are. Google and search engines quickly indexes content posted on social networking websites. Good social signals can help you to increase your website crawl rate or indexing speed. There is mainly two benefits of social sharing, one is it increase your website traffic and another is it will help you to boost up your website crawal rate. So, whenever you publish a post on your website, dont forget to share it on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

6. Commenting on other Related Blogs to your Niche:

You should start posting quality comments on popular higher authority blogs specially on CommentLuv enabled blogs and dont forget to include your blog link while commenting. This not only provide backlinks from those blogs, it also drive traffic to your website. If the attribution in comments section of those blogs is set to Dofollow then the search engine crawlers will also index your blog link while indexing that blog. So, it helps in indexing your blog or website faster.

7. Interlink your Old Blog Posts:

Interlinking is good for search engine optimization and it also helps search engine bots or crawlers to crawl deep pages of your websites. Search engine always follows and index dofollow links while indexing a website. When search engine bots crawl your new posts, they also follows and index your interlinked old posts. So, its clear that interlinking of posts can increase your blog crawl rate and indexing speed. You can use SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin to automatically link your old posts.

A Trick To Index Blog Posts Instantly in Google Search Engine (in less then one minute):

If you want to index your post almost instantly then this method is work for you. Google doesnt give guarantee that all submitted using below methods will be indexed. Anyways, for my website below methods are working perfectly. So, you should try on your websites also.

Method 1: Using Google Submit URL

Its very simple method, just go to the Google webmaster submit URL page and paste your blog post link URL in blank field box. Then complete the human verification challenge and click on Submit Request button. Thats it, wait for 1 minute and put your link in Google search bar to check  is it indexed or not.


Method 2: Google Webmaster Tools Fetch as Google:

This is another simple method to index your website instantly in Google search engine. You can also crawl interlinked links to specific post using this method. Here is a steps to index website in Google using Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Go to Google webmaster tools and login using your google account details.
  • Once login, you need to submit your website there and verify ownership.
  • After adding website in google webmaster tools go to search console dashboard of your website.
  • Then go to Crawl>>Fetch as Google.


  • After that put your post permalink excluding the homepage url in the blank field there and click on fetch button.
  • Now you would see a pop up box where you need to choose the submit method. Choose Crawl only this Url if you want to index only entered permalink or select Crawl this URL and its direct links if you want to index its interlinked links also. After selecting one option click on Go button.
  • Now Google is ready to index your URL. Just click on submit to index button.


  • After clicking submit to index button wait for few seconds. Thats it now your post is indexed in google search.

I hope above tips helps you to index your blog posts faster in search engines. I recommend you to follow above instant indexing methods if your website is just 2-3 weeks old. Once, your website becomes old and enough content is posted, Google will automatically start indexing your website faster. If you are facing any issue while applying above mentioned methods then post it using comments box, Im always here to help you. If this article helped you, please share it with your friends.

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups in One Click

Searching for a fast and safe way to share your blog posts on Facebook groups? If yes, then you are on right place. Today, Im going to share a legal way to post in multiple Facebook groups in one click. I have seen almost every blogger share their posts on Facebook to drive some traffic. Facebook is one of the best place for bloggers to promote their website posts. If you share blog posts just on your Facebook timeline then only your friends can saw your posts. So, if you want to reach more peoples then you have to join multiple Facebook groups and share your post there. But it takes lots of time to post in all Facebook groups manually one by one and its also very boring task.  Using the below method you can post your article in all your Facebook groups in just 2 minutes. This method is completely free, safe and easy to use. You dont need use any scripts or collect Facebook groups email ID. And one more plus point of this method is you can also post in multiple Facebook friends timeline in one click. Just follow below steps to post in multiple Facebook groups in one click.

Step by Step Guide to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups in One Click:

  • First of go to Facebook Developers Send button plugin page. Once page is completely loaded on your browser, scroll down and find Send Button Configurator section on the page. On that section you will see URL to send empty field. Just put the link of your post that you want to share in that blank field.
  • After entering URL of  your post, a send will be automatically appears in another empty box there. Just click on the that send button. Now a drop down tab (pop-up) will open up, you will see something like below picture.
  • Select all your groups or friends from the drop down list in recipients. After selecting groups and friends, put any message that you want to post with your article link in message box. And finally, click on send button.
  • Thats it, now it will automatically post your link in all selected groups and friends timeline. To confirm, just go to one of the selected group timeline or check your activity log.


Follow below tips to keep your Facebook account safe from temporary restriction or permanent ban.

  • Dont select more then 30 groups at once.
  • Give a gap of at least 20 minutes between every share.
  • Use this method to share your posts maximum 4-5 times in a day.

I hope above method helps you to save lots of your time. If youre facing any problem or this method is not working for you then let me know through comments. Also dont forget to share this method with your friends.

How to Setup Configure CloudFlare Free CDN in WordPress

Loading speed of a webpage becomes one of the important factor for search engine ranking. Slow loading speed of a website lead to bad user experience. You have to optimize your website for better performance or page loading speed. The main reason behind slow loading speed of any website is its images, javascripts, slow hosting servers and other heavy codes. So, CDN is recommeded to cache static files (images, javascripts, CSS etc.) of your website. CDN have their own data centers at different location all over the world. When a user visits your website, CDN serves your website cached static files from nearest data center of CDN to the user. In this way, CDN helps to load your website faster. There is many free CDN available in the internet. But the best and most popular of them is cloudflare. Cloudflare is all in one solution to boost up loading speed of any website. It also offers minfy service for javascript, CSS & HTML of your website to reduce the size of your page or website. And best thing is that it also provide a free flexible SSL to every user. I added cloudflare recently for our website and Ive seen a big improvement in the loading speed of our website. So, in this article Im going to share a easy guide to setup & configure CloudFlare CDN in WordPress for better performance.

Step by Step Guide to Setup & Configure Cloudflare CDN in WordPress:

How to Activate CloudFlare CDN in Your WordPress Website

  • First go to Cloudflare.com and fill up signup form to create a new account there.
  • After signing up, cloudflare will ask you add your website. Just put your website URL and click on Scan DNS Records button.
  • Now wait for 60 seconds and let cloudflare scan DNS records of your domain. After 60 seconds Continue button color becomes green, just click on it to proceed.
  • On next page, Cloudflare will show list of your website DNS records. Here you have to select the particular DNS records and sub domains where you want to activate the cloudflare CDN services.

Gray Cloud represents CDN is off for that particular page or subdomain.

Orange Cloud represents CDN is on for that particular page or sub domain.


  • After that, you have to Choose a plan for your website. Select the Free Website plan which is free for lifetime and recommended for starters.
  • On next page, CloudFlare will give you two name servers. Now you will need to replace your current name servers with Cloudflare name servers. Login to your domain registrar account and update the name servers. After updating name servers, you have wait at least 1-24 hours.
  • After complete propagation of name servers cloudflare will start serving your website content through its data centers. On CloudFlare dashboard you will see active status for your website.

How to Setup & Configure CloudFlare Free CDN in WordPress for Better Performance

Crypto Section:

SSL: Flexible

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): Disabled

Authenticated Origin Pulls: Keep it OFF

Remaining two options not available for FREE plan.

Crypto section of CloudFlare allows you to manage SSL related settings for your website. If you dont want to use SSL on your website then you can turn it off here.

Firewall Section:

Security Level: Essentially OFF or Low

Challenge Passage: 1 Month

Advanced DDoS Protection: Not available for FREE plan

If you set security level Higher or Im Under Attack then every visitor of your website need to fill up a Captcha code to access your website. So, it will be better to keep security level essentially off or low. You can also block specific IP address or entire country visitors to access your website using Access rules tab there.

Speed Section:

Auto Minify:

Javascript: Enabled

CSS: Enabled

HTML: Enabled

Rocket Loader: Automatic

Mobile Redirect: Select a sub domain where you want to redirect mobile users of your website. If you dont want to redirect then no need to do any changes.

Dont enable auto minify settings on CloudFlare if you are already using any other plugins to minify Javascript, CSS & HTML of your website.

Caching Section:

Purge Cache: This option is used rebuild cache and fetch updated version of some files that you recently changed.

Caching Level: Standard

Browser Cache Expiration: 12 Hours (You can reduce the time if you update content of your website frequently)

Always On: Keep it ON

Development Mode: Enable it whenever you do some changes on your website like logo change, adding widget, changing theme etc.

Keep other remaining sections settings default. Thats it you have successfully configured CloufFlare Free CDN for your WordPress Website. Now check the page loading speed of your website using pingdom website speed test tool. I am sure you will see a big boost in your website page loading speed after activating CloudFlare. Before loading time of our website was about 2 seconds. But after enabling CloudFlare CDN it is reduced to 384 micro seconds.

I hope above article helps you to setup & configure cloudflare CDN in your WordPress website. I recommend everyone to enable cloudflare CDN even if you are using another paid CDN. Because cloudflare is more then a CDN. If you have any question related to this article then dont hesitate to leave a comment.

Top 5 Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Site or Blog

Backlinks are very important for any website to get better ranking in search results. Good number of quality backlinks can take your website on the first page of Google search. There is many websites available on the internet who sells backlinks. But buyings backlinks can be also harmful for your website. Because most of the sites which sells backlinks use automated tools to create backlinks. Backlinks created using automated tools looks like spam. So, it is always recommended that you gain backlinks yourself.

There is some good sellers also who create high quality backlinks manually at affordable prices. You just need to find them. So, still interested in buying backlinks?

If youre searching for best places to buy backlinks, you can check below best handpicked websites to buy backlinks for your sites.

 Top 5 Websites to Buy Backlinks:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the biggest marketplace online where you can buy backlinks and other online service at only 5$. But many of the sellers there use automated tools and black hat tricks to build backlinks. So, you have to select the right seller. Dont believe on the buyer reviews. Most of the sellers pay users to get 5 star rating on their gig. Always check the negative reviews of gig before buying on fiverr. It is also one of the safest place to buy anything because you can cancel the gig anytime even after in 14 days of delivery. Never buy those gigs who offers thousands of backlinks at just 5$. Beacause no one can create thousands of backlinks in 2-3 days without using automated tools. Keep one thing in mind before buying backlinks, quality matters not quantity.

2. Blackhatlinks.com

Blackhatlinks offers high quality backlinks at very cheap price then others. They accept orders of bulk backlinks only. You can buy 100 backlinks for just 6$ on blackhatlinks. The process of building backlinks is fully automated. They only provide backlinks from those sites who have low outbound links. They also provide panda and penguin safe social signals at affordable prices. They are selling backlinks from more then 4 years and completed almost 50 thousand orders.

The best thing is that,  backlinks are delivered just in one hour of order booking. Hence, delivery time is very less. You dont need to wait so many days to see the results. Type of backlinks they offers are:

  • Blog Comments Links
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Wiki Links
  • Bookmarks Links

3. PostLinks.com

Postlinks offers high quality backlinks from higher authority and real active websites. You can buy up to 1000 PR1 backlinks for $49 only from postlinks. Backlinks pricing depends on pagerank and moz domain authority. Link building techniques used by postlinks are fully genuine and Google safe. They dont do any type spam to build backlinks. Your website links are added in between the real and quality content. They offers three types of inbound links:

  • Links between articles or content
  • Comments links
  • Contextual links from Web 2.0 sites

4. Links Management

Links Management offers links from high authority sites for as low as 1$ per link. They places backlink of your site on those sites who have low outbound links. You will get real and high quality PR1-PR8 backlinks at very cheap prices from link management. They provide backlinks in rent for 1 Month and also offers permanent backlinks.

They will place your website link between atleast 500 characters content instead of blog comments and all links will be placed manually. So, all backlinks bought through linkmanagement will be natural and safe from all Google updates.

5. Backlinks.com

Backlinks.com is the one of the most popular websites to buy backlinks from relvent and high domain authority sites. It doesnt offers permanent backlinks, you have to pay monthly to keep backlinks active. Best thing I like about them that they will automatically remove bad links and replace it with good quality links.

You can also make money by selling backlinks on it. When i was newbie, I personally tried there services for one of my site and result was really good. They helped me to rank my website in just 2 months.

I hope this article will help you to find the best places to buy quality backlinks for your website. There is many other sites also who offers quality backlinks like seoclerks, oDesk etc. I shared only top sites that you can trust. You have to be careful in buying backlinks for site. Bad backlinks and backlinks from low quality sites can also harm your website ranking. So, think about bad part also before buying the backlinks. If you like this article then please share with your friends.

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How to Show Last Updated Date in WordPress Blog Posts

WordPress CMS platform is mostly used for blogging purpose. We bloggers usually update our old posts whenever we find anything new information about particular topic. Users always loves to read updated content. If you show outdated content on your blog then no one will return back to your blog. Usually users first check the date of the post to find whether the content is up to date or not.  If you update your blog posts regularly and show published date then users will thing that post is never updated. So, its a good idea to show the last modified date in your WordPress blog posts. Most of the WordPress themes doesnt display last modified date in posts. Users will see only published date on your posts.

To show last updated date, you have to do some minor changes in your theme files. Today Im going to share an easy guide to show last updated date in WordPress blog posts.

How to Show Last Updated date in WordPress Blog Posts:

You have to edit the php files of your theme to show last updated date in your posts. To do this go to your WordPress blog Dashboard>>Appearance>>Editor and open single.php (Single Posts) and index.php (Main Index)  files of your theme. Then locate the following lines of code in both files:

<?php the_date('F jS, Y');?> 


<?php the_modified_time('F jS, Y');?>

Note: Theme developers use different formats of dates and codes to show dates in posts so you might not found the exact code. Try to find similar code to above line of code.

After finding the above code, replace it with below php code.

<?php $u_time = get_the_time('U');
$u_modified_time = get_the_modified_time('U');
if ($u_modified_time != $u_time) {
echo "Last Updated on  ";
the_modified_time('F jS, Y');
echo ". "; } ?>

If you want show both published date and last modified date then use below code.

Published on <?php the_time('F jS, Y') ?>
<?php $u_time = get_the_time('U');
$u_modified_time = get_the_modified_time('U');
if ($u_modified_time != $u_time) {
echo "Last Updated on  ";
the_modified_time('F jS, Y');
echo ". "; } ?>

Then click on update file to update your theme file. To show the last modified date on your blog pages repeat the above process on page.php file of your theme. If above code doesnt work on your theme then you can use WP Last Modified Plugin to do the same.

How to Get Free Dofollow Backlinks from Alexa (PR7 DA 93)

Are you searching for a way to get free dofollow backlinks from alexa? If yes, then your landed on right place. Backlinks are very important part of off page SEO. If you want to rank your blog posts on first page in search engine results then just build some high quality backlinks for that post. But remeber only building links cant help to you rank, you need to write quality content also.

Alexa has Domain Authority of 93 and it holds Page Rank 7. So, imagine yourself how powerful and valuable the backlink from alexa will be. Today Im going to tell you an easy way to get two dofollow backlinks from alexa. You can also add anchor text of any keyword for which you want to rank.

10 Effective On Page SEO Tips to Get Higher Ranking in Search Results

How to Get free Dofollow Backlinks from Alexa

Anyone can easily get nofollow backlinks from alexa by verifying or claiming a website on alexa. Alexa doesnt give dofollow backlinks to its free users. We have to buy alexa premium plans if we want dofollow backlinks. But the problem is that premium plans of alexa are very costly. We cant spend that much money just for a backlink. So, here is trick to get dofollow backlinks from alexa without paying a single cent.

  • First of all, you need to signup on alexa.com and claim your website there.
  • Now we have to get a free 7 days trial of alexa premium plan. Go to plans and pricing page of alexa and select any plan.
  • Now alexa will ask for billing details and payment method. Just fill up all details correctly about billing address. After that choose a payment method and fill up all details it asks for. Dont worry you will be not charged any amount. Then click on next and on next windows click on start subscription. Now alexa will verify your payment method details.
  • After completing payment method verification process your free trial will be automatically activated. Now open below link on your browser:


Replace wpseoguides.com with your website URL

  • Scroll down you will see a option Edit Site Info click on it.
  • Now you will be redirected to another page where you can put your website link and anchor text. Just put anchor text in title field and your website link in URL field. You can add upto two links of your website there. After that click on save changes.
  • Thats it, you have successfully created dofollow backlinks from alexa. Dont forget cancel your subscription on alexa before 7 days otherwise monthly subscription cost will be deducted from your selected payment method. To cancel your subscription just go to account management page and click on manage subscription button. On next page click on cancel subscription link to cancel it.

I hope above article will help you get two dofollow backlinks from PR7 and DA 93 site alexa.com. You can also get unlimited dofollow backlinks from alexa by creating multiple accounts on alexa and following above steps again and again. If you face any problem during the whole process just drop a comment below. And also share this post with your friends using below buttons.

How to Remove Unused CSS and JavaScripts in WordPress

JavaScripts and CSS gives a great look and functions to a website. But these type of assets takes lots of time to load. So, it is always recommend to use less scripts and styles in your site pages for better performance. On most of the pages there is no use some assets. For Example On contact us page of your site, it makes no sense if your theme load script for related posts, sharing buttons etc. So, today in this article Im going to tell you the way to detect and remove those unused CSS and JavaScripts from your WordPress sites pages and posts.

Google Pagespeed insights and other website speed testing tools also advice its users to optimize and reduce the number of JavaScripts and CSS assets. Lets discuss some benefits of using less CSS and JavaScripts files on your WordPress site.

  • Reduces page total size
  • Decrease the number of HTTP requests
  • Reduce page loading time
  • Google loves faster websites

How to Detect and Remove Unused CSS and JavaScripts from WordPress site Homepage

First we need to install a free plugin called WP Asset Clean Up. You can install it directly from your WordPress site Dashboard. This plugin helps you to detect and selectively remove unused assets from your website pages and posts. After installing this plugin a icon named WP Asset Clean Up will be automatically added to your WordPress Dashboard menu. Just click on this icon. Now you see a page like below picture. In this page you will see all CSS and JavaScripts that loads on homepage of your site.

Now you have to select those styles and scripts that you dont want to load in homepage of your site. For example i selected simple social icons, comment luv, related posts CSS and Javascripts files. Because there is no use of these assets in homepage of my site. After selecting, just click on save changes. Now this plugin will automatically stop loading the selected assets on your homepage.

How to Remove Unused CSS & JavaScripts from Your WordPress Site Blog Posts and Pages

We dont need to install any other plugin to remove unwanted assets from blog posts and pages. The same plugin that we used for homepage also helps you to remove unused styles and scripts from your blog posts and pages. Just go to Posts section in WordPress dashboard and open any post in WordPress post editor whos unused assets you want to remove. Now Scroll down, there you will see WP asset clean up section. In this section the plugin will show all styles and scripts that loads on that post.

Now you have to select CSS and Javascripts that you dont want to load on that post. After selecting just update the post. Then plugin will automatically stop loading selected assets on that post. In same way you can remove unwanted styles and scripts from your site another pages.

I hope above guide will help you to clean up unwanted styles and scripts from your WordPress site. If you have any question related to this posts then just leave your message below in comments. And dont forget to share this post with your friends if it helped you.

Get Dofollow Backlink from Facebook and Google+ (DA 100)

Facebook and Google Plus are best places to share your blog posts to drive lots of traffic to your site. Both are top social networking sites that holds domain authority of 100 and Page rank 9. When we share a link on Facebook and Google Plus, it gives nofollow backlinks to your site. But the problem is that nofollow backlinks doesnt pass link juice. We need to build dofollow backlinks from high authority sites to get better ranking in search engines. So, today Im going to share amazing trick to get free PR9 dofollow backlink from Facebook and Google Plus.

How to Get Dofollow Backlink from Facebook and Google Plus

Steps to Get Free PR9 Dofollow Backlink from Facebook

  • To get dofollow backlink in Facebook first you have to create fan page. If you already have a facebook fan page then move to next step.
  • First we have to add Static HTML Facebook APP to Facebook fan page. Go to Static HTML app page and click on Add Static HTML to a page button.
  • On next page, you have to select your Facebook fan page and click on Add Page Tab button to add static html app to your page.
  • After that new tab named Welcome will automatically added to your Facebook page. Just click on Welcome tab, on welcome tab page you will see a Set up tab button click on it.
  • Now you will be redirected another website. There you have to put your blog link with rel=dofollow tag. Delete all text from index.html and put below HTML code there.

<a href=http://www.wpseoguides.com rel=dofollow >WPSEOGuides</a>

Replace http://www.wpseoguides.com with your website URL and WPSEOGuides with your desired anchor text.

  • After putting backlink HTML code just click on save & publish button to save edited tab.
  • Thats it, congratulation you have got free dofollow backlink from Facebook. You have to again click on Welcome Tab to check the dofollow backlink pointing to your site.

Steps to Get Free PR 9 Dofollow Backlink from Google Plus

  • First of all Go to plus.google.com and login using your Gmail or Google account there.
  • Then open your Google Plus profile or Google Plus Page and click on about tab button. On about tab, you will see story section.
  • Just click on Edit button in story section. Now a popup will open up. There you have to put your tagline and introduction about you. Dont forget to put your website link in introduction field. Any link that you place in story section will automatically becomes dofollow.
  • After placing your link click on save button and check about page of your profile or page. A dofollow backlink from google plus pointing to your site will be automatically added to that page.

I hope above guide helps you get two PR9 dofollow backlinks from Facebook and Google Plus. If this article really helped you then please share it with your friends using below sharing button. And if above method to get dofollow backlink doesnt works for you then let us know via comments below. Thanks for giving your time to read this article.